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Hyperion’s Newest Automation Engineer

Alex Mason has joined the growing Hyperion team as their newest automation engineer! Alex has a background in mechanical engineering and is excited to work on complex projects at Hyperion.

Alex currently lives in Wyoming and previously worked for Huffman Automation as a Controls Engineer. In his new role as an Automation Engineer at Hyperion, he will work with clients through all project phases, from design to programming to installation.

About Alex

Alex is a Grand Valley State University graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and a passion for automation. He loves learning new subjects and expanding his skillset by conversing with coworkers and clients about their work.

“There is always something new to learn within the automation field. You have to know how everything works together to reach your end goal,” said Alex.

Growing up on a farm, diagnosing mechanical problems came easily to Alex, and his passion for solving intricate problems led him to GVSU’s mechanical engineering program. In his GVSU internship, he worked with a team to automate a carbon fiber sanding cell, designing, building and coding over six different programs for a wide variety of applications. Alex considers this internship to be his most rewarding and educational professional achievement. 

Why Hyperion

Alex is detail-oriented and organized, preferring a work culture with a good balance of support and independence, something he said really drew him to the Hyperion team. His new position as an automation engineer allows him to utilize his passion for solving complicated problems in an environment that will nurture his innate drive for excellence and continuous learning.

Alex always pushes himself to grow and develop new skills that challenge him. “Mechanical engineering can sometimes have a lot of the same day-to-day tasks, but as an automation engineer there’s a wide variety of work. There’s always something to figure out,” he said.

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