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Hyperion is excited to announce that Calsi Shirey has joined the team as an office manager/executive assistant. Calsi lives in Holland and holds a BA in supply chain management from Grand Valley State University. She has previously worked in a variety of accounting roles for larger corporations. 

About Calsi

Most recently, Calsi worked in accounts receivable at a large corporation in Grand Rapids. While she has enjoyed the task-oriented work of accounting, she’s excited to move into her role at Hyperion. “I’m excited for an opportunity to do what I’m comfortable with while broadening my skills to learn event planning and other areas of the business,” she said. 

“There’s a clear way to do accounting, and I think that’s part of what I enjoy about it,” said Calsi. “There are repeatable tasks, it’s consistent and reliable. This role with Hyperion is a perfect blend of task-oriented and stretching my creative mind.”

In her previous roles, Calsi has relished her past leadership opportunities, serving as a team leader in accounts receivable at one role and performing a company-wide software implementation in another. With that role, Calsi introduced and implemented expense reporting software, making extensive training documents, training videos and presenting to a wide variety of stakeholders at the company.

Why Hyperion

At Hyperion, Calsi looks forward to working closely with a close-knit team and having the ability to directly speak into Hyperion’s processes and future. With the opportunity to learn and to find ways to continually improve processes, Calsi knows that she has her team’s trust and is excited to get started. 

“With this role, I get to analyze processes and make process improvements. In that way I get to dabble in both task-oriented projects and creatively finding ways to improve what already exists.”

Calsi was drawn to not only the variety of tasks and independence of the Hyperion role, but also the team itself. “I know Troy and Jeremy’s leadership and management style,” she said. “They’re hard workers and also easy-going and fun people to be around.”

Calsi most looks forward to the difference she will make in her new role at Hyperion. “Knowing that I’m a support for others really motivates me in my work,” she said. “I love that I’m helping the Hyperion team see their vision realized.” 

Interested in joining the Hyperion team? We’re growing! 

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