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Our Newest Team Member

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Troy Stambaugh! Troy brings 6 years of experience in controls and electrical engineering. As an Automation Engineer, he will provide service and programming for Hyperion’s custom automation solutions. 

In addition to programming PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and robots, in this new position Troy will design, program, troubleshoot and manage custom automation solutions for Hyperion clients.

About Troy

Troy holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Grand Valley State University. Before joining the Hyperion team, Troy worked as a Controls Engineer in Holland, providing services from cell conception to design, programming and installation.

Troy is most excited to continue working with robots in his new position. “They’re more dynamic than PLCs and there’s creativity in the 3D space,” he said. “Programming robots requires a hybridization of mechanical design, electrical design and programming, marrying the three disciplines.” Troy also enjoys the additional flexibility of robotic controls and finding creative programming solutions to customer concerns.

Motivated by learning and the novelty of new solutions, Troy loves the discovery process of controls engineering. He noted that he is, “driven to find a new solution or an out-of-the-box solution that not only solves a problem, but provides the best possible solution.” 

Why Work for Hyperion?

As a custom automations company, Troy was drawn to Hyperion’s smaller size and customer care. Their structure allows him to build relationships with his coworkers and customers, listening carefully to their needs and creating innovative solutions. Troy was also attracted to Hyperion’s work-life balance and the prospect of spending more of his work time assisting with client automation projects. 

Troy looks forward to spearheading robotic simulations for clients. Using 3D CAD software, Troy will be able to program robots digitally for custom Hyperion solutions. This capability allows for more accurate quoting, and would allow the team to fully program a robot before it arrived on the Hyperion floor—saving time and allowing the Hyperion team to simulate possible solutions before building and testing.

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