Reflections on 25 Years: Congratulations Tim Westveld

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Last Monday,  Tim Westveld celebrated 25 years of working at Hyperion Automation. Over the past  two and a half decades, Tim has worked as an assembly electrician on commercial, residential and industrial material handling projects. His years of expertise recently earned him the title of assembly manager. He now manages a group of about five assembly team members with whom he works on projects across the country. 

“I get to work on pretty much every project that comes through the door,” said Westveld. Whether in the discovery process, project planning, execution, or problem solving phase of a project, Westveld’s industry knowledge is needed. 

Why Automation and Assembly

“I’ve always been interested in building things as a way of figuring out how they work. Assembly was particularly interesting to me because when we start building a new project, we’re just looking at dead steel. And when we’re done, we’ve brought something to life by setting it in motion,” said Westveld. 

The industry is always changing, and Westveld enjoys that there’s always something new to learn. Since he began, the most impactful difference has been the components getting smaller, faster and more powerful. 

Why Hyperion Automation 

“I’ve enjoyed working here for 25 years primarily because of leadership. I’m not a number to anyone, and I genuinely believe that they care about me,” said Westveld. 

He feels empowered to become a leader himself. He knows that Jeremy and Troy trust his decisions and will back him up if needed. “I try to emulate them when I work with other assembly team members,” said Westveld, “They have an open door policy and they’re very understanding. I want to be that way for my team as well.” 

In his free time, Tim enjoys boating (not fishing!) on Lake Michigan with his family. 

Congratulations and thank you for 25 years at Hyperion Automation, Tim! We are lucky to have you. 

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