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Our experience with KUKA robotics lets us integrate, program and optimize their products for specific applications, including:

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Partnering with KUKA Robotics for AMR and Palletization Demo at MODEX 2024

As an official system partner, Hyperion Automation recently had the opportunity to join KUKA in a collaborative booth at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA. Together we demonstrated a custom integration of two KUKA autonomous mobile robots (KUKA KMP 1500P AMRs) and a six-axis robot (KUKA Quantec KR210) equipped with AIRSKIN safety technology.

The booth simulated a manufacturing floor, demonstrating how two AMRs synchronously shuttle full pallets of material from a pallet stand to the six-axis robot for depalletizing. Then, using SICK PLB vision systems, the six-axis robot re-palletized the product from one pallet to another.

Learn how Hyperion + KUKA automation products and solutions can make your modern manufacturing space more desirable with safety features designed to coincide with human operators in the same space.



Wheel Problems Require Wheel Solutions

When a wheel manufacturer approached Hyperion with a list of challenges, our team of experts got to work providing custom solutions to meet their goals.

In the previous process, employees would manually unload heavy alloy wheels from a pallet onto an inclined conveyor that would transport the wheels to another area for machining. Hyperion’s main goal in automating this process was to eliminate manual labor and the heavy lifting employees performed while increasing throughput.

Learn how we saved costs and used existing inventory by solving the problem with a specific KUKA robot.


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Kuka is one of the world’s leading specialists in automation equipment. As an official system integration partner, we specialize in KUKA products to select the best applications for our clients’ complex problems.